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Scott Joshua Dere

Master Photographer and Imaging Specialist

Scott Joshua Dere

Scott has been using a camera since he was 5 years old. The first camera he used was a Kodak Browning, which used black and white 120mm film which he developed in his home darkroom in Long Island, New York. At just 13 years old Scott landed his first job as a photography assistant. Since that time Scott has had a job in the wedding industry working for many different New York studios, learning many different techniques from multiple mentors along the way. During those 17 years, Scott studied his craft at The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and received a BFA in the Fine Art of photography and an AA in communications. During this incredible time, Film made its transition to Digital Imaging, and Scott helped usher in a new technology that was era ending, and history making, introducing the world to a new age of photography.

In the year 2000, Scott established Art Photographers. A Long Island, New York based Photography Studio offering a combination of high end fashion photography and corporate level imaging with excellence and professionalism to the local community. With the life experience of working with multiple studios for so many years, Scott prides himself at being at the forefront of the photographic world by keeping tuned in on new trends and the latest styles of the times while providing newlyweds and others with the best images the industry has to offer.

Scott Dere and all the Art Photographers on the team work with the firm belief that the photograph holds the most important role in everyone’s lives. It’s because of that one reason most of all that we maintain a consistent quality photograph to all who come ask for our expertise. Scott says; “We take pride in providing photographic family heirlooms for generations to enjoy. Our promise to everyone, is to always look to achieve the best photograph possible in any and every situation presented to us”.